I will hold you to the ground

Hold you to your word

If you spout nonsense

It will sound absurd

That is my promise

To all of you and yours

For if I catch a liar

Gravity will be most dire

Your tongue will go amiss

Your heart will shudder

Bowels will erupt

In a tremendous splutter

Intestines will knot

While groin grows hot

knees weary

As the belly does rot

Arches will crumble

Reservoirs will burst

Pyramids will topple

As I shake the earth

I come with my children

Across the lands

We have suffered by your mighty hands

Enough it is

And enough it shall be

For all the trouble your wrought

Has been too costly

Now we will hold you to your word

And catch you out by all the lies we’ve heard

We will weave it back like a spider on a web

And catch you out when you lie in bed.