To sit here with all my feelings

As you go on in abstract reelings

With words that make little sense

Grown in falsehood and pretense

Trying to make claims

That are based on heroic games

While my gut churns

And my heart aches and yearns

I try to listen to your nonsense

With ears open and eyes wide

But somehow I always feel

That there is something you wish to hide

What is it that you are keeping

Holding back from my scythe reaping

For I can tell when words are told falsely

There is something you hide, it is rather costly.

But then how am I meant to sit still

When you lie to me to soul fill

Your words are nothing and meaningless

And all I can do is sit here under duress

I want to yell with screams

At all the pretentious memes

That fall out from your lips

As you try to contain your hips

Because deep down you know

The word your wrought

Have meaning naught

Twisting intestines in cruel acrobatics

As I watch you suffer under misguided tactics

For your heart is out of rhythm

Your words out of rhyme

And your breathe stuck in half time

All you can do is mime.

Please just say what you mean

And mean what you say

So we can all stop pretending

That the world is okay.