The Wolf kills the sheep

And puts on its coat

Gobbling it up

All the blood it does soak

Then the Wolf kills the girl deep in the wood

And throws on her real red cloak

After cutting of the hood

With it he makes a hat adding a little gold bell

To jingle and jangle with lies he does tell

Then he enslaves the fairies, elves and reindeers,

Filling them with fears, dreads and angers,

Forcing them to build a great big sleigh, so he happily languors

While not once a peep, nor a hey,

He threatens to pray

Then with a crack of his whip

Scowling and cursing from groin to hip

Forcing out the magic dust from the fairies wings unfurled

Twisted, shaken, pressed, pushed, straightened and uncurled

Then in his sleigh, he takes their dust and flies ’round the world

Having stolen all the elven gifts, making them his own

Putting them in his great red sac while he mutters a lowly tone

From firey pits, fills hearths with bright gold and red boxes

As he slinks away like cowardly minxes and foxes

Then when each child opens a box under a dying tree

The Wolf raptures souls under lock and key

Until the world is dead and bare

And nothing is true, nor ever fair

Each northern winter solstice night

He dances round the globe masking fear and fright

Sending out a white illusion of safety

Like a soft pillow, suffocating and weighty

With a fowl jolly laugh, creepy and sly

The honest children weep and cry

For the man in the red coat

Is not a man true and tall

But the big bad wolf

Coming to eat one and all