Distracted with coin and counting

While incurring debt surmounting

But not the debt in the bank

Instead when all feelings bottomless sank

As paying with coin and metal

Loosing feelings sentimental

Breath becomes short and stifled

As arming yourself rifled

The heart grows strained and tight

Heaving with gusto and might

Counting coin from toe to loin

Feeling false power when chowing down sirloin

Hair growing thin on top

While the mind goes out with a pop

Having nothing worthwhile in life

There is now only mayhem and strife

Loosing all the feeling in the heart

The blood getting stuck is the start

Now it is time to pay what is owed

The emotional creditors will reap what was sowed

All the debt, hoarded and kept

Will be taken from under the mattress swept

The cleaners will come cleaning

The cooks will come cooking

The guards will come guarding

The people will come harding

And finally the grim will come wrapping at the door

Demand reimbursement from tower to floor

But the debt cannot be paid with fictional numbers

Nor from tales invented in nightmare slumbers

The grim will come knocking and pull at the soul

And draw out the heart once and for all.