There upon a lonely road was heart shaped puddle

She took a dive in with her thoughts which were all in a muddle

The puddle was a door into another world

Where everything was upside down and snails were uncurled

People would walk on their hands

Far across the distant lands

While doing everything else with their legs

Stuck out in the tall grass like wooden pegs

She watched like a ghost from her spot at a cafe

Watching the puddle world from far away

Her mind lost in a world gone mad

All the shapes were inside out, but no one was sad

For all the frowns were indeed upside down

As if all sense was made by a clown

Who painted rainbows all around

Especially covering the dirty brown ground

Giant flowers popped up everywhere

Large enough to hide a bear

But the bears were friendly and never did growl

Nor would the wolves fearfully howl

For everyone ate what the day would shine

And in the night all would dream just fine

But back at the cafe, she would sit

Drinking her lungo and taking a croissant bit

Dipping and dunking her thoughts in the brew

Then munching away, her thoughts would stew

How to visit such a place

Getting far out of space

Find away to jump in the puddle

And get my mind out of this muddle.