The blackthorn tree is calling

The shadow of Morrigan is falling

In the night from beneath the earth

Here we call the Blackthorn, Oratuomi

The Thorn of Judgement tree

The bleading hearts of Morrigan and Aestraea

Raining down to calm the hysteria

Shillelagh long and straight on the left

The cup of sloe gin on the right

On the hill by the blackthorn stump

Where once grew berries round and plump

Now winter comes with frost so white

But darkness creeps into the heart each night

Fear of what will come when the Snow Queen has won

Blood, Snow and Wind will dance in the north

And bring the darkness forth

Silence will reign and all will be peaceful again

So welcome the three into your hearth free

Drink to their spirits and welcome the night

And watch the sky dance and the stars shine bright