How do I get these rhymes out of my head

Each night they stop me from going to bed

Like the endless beating drum

With the longing drone of a hum

On and on in my mind

Words coming out from somewhere behind

I cannot stop them no matter how I try

Sometimes I weep and even cry

The curse of a poet with a dissatisfied soul

And a heart distraught and black as coal

Until it is thrown into the fire

It will light up the whole pyre

Still trying to clear my head

So I can finally rest in bed

Put my ear to the pillow

To dream of a far away weeping willow

But still I patter away on this keyboard

Spilling out my heartful word hoard

Until my rhythm grows weary and regular

In a loop, round and circular

Then perhaps then I’ll rest my head

And finally find peace and sleep in bed.