The words in your mind

When you are blind

Windows closed

Cheeks rosed

Lips sealed

Soul revealed

Mind’s eyes pealed

Knees and hips steady

In time to be ready

The tone deep and low

From where toes and arches grow

Though a contradiction to the female condition

Which allows the blood to flow

Through the system without a member below

Low tones, deep and down is the key

To longevity and equality

Begone to the first sopranos

Who cannot bridge highs with lows

With hearts so weak and frail

And hollow souls like a leaky pail

Needing the weight of mass and structure

To keep their voice from shattering rupture

Find your ground with a true sound from the heart

Which is where the breath does part

In two, both left and right

Not needing to hold on tight

The heart beats in constant rhythm

With the lungs in tune with the tongue

So you can make your own song sung

What is the voice deep within

That gives you the voice to sing

What does it say in your darkest hour

Do you cry, weep and cower

Or do you stand brave and true

Knowing precisely what to do.