What a disappointment

After all that effort

A little girl with

10 fingers

And 10 toes

A mouth and nose

But what is that between her legs

Oh no, there is no penis

But another set of lips

But we worked so hard

And tried for so long

But all we get is this girl

Head strong

So every time they cleaned her

After she took a wee

They would rub her raw in misery

She was a girl child

Of dirty hereditary

So unclean and unsanitary

She kicked in discomfort

And wailed with an aching belly

Because her parents knew not how to love

A girl child with wings like a dove

They just poked and prodded

Their new test subject

Always reminding her that she was their pet

To do as they wished

Because she was a girl

She had no space to breathe

Except when she wailed

When the world ceased

A face burning hot like the sun

But even then her battle was not won

She fought and fought

With all her might

Taking back all they stole

Because she was a girl

Reflecting like a polished pearl