From the soles of your feet they reach

Pressing your soft spots as they preach

Going into places where they do not belong

Finding all the spaces where you sing your own song

To make you bend over and groan

Gutting your insides until you moan

Until you believe that this is normal

While they blame you for being hormonal

Your gut in knots and stinging shots

Because need comes down to greed

You’ve been conned that you must submit

To the point that you are craving it

As you strut around in your highest heels

Crushing your heart as your nerve seals

Unable to support yourself whole

And wonder what is really a soul

Your heels and balls of your feet

Collaps the arch where foundation and spirit meet

They no longer support you at the base of your arches

Only reaching into your forbiden darkness

You swish your ass like a duck

Waddling around, qwuck qwuck

Squeezed and plucked, up high on your heels

Looking like pimps’ staple meals

But you are more than an empty hole

Or a place to satisfy a pole

Carving you out from deep within

It is not just on the skin

The only time you will be free

Is when your feet is to earth see