Why do some work hard?

While others not.

Why do some toil?

And others not.

Even two in the same station,

May be rewarded differently for the same situation.

What is it that gives some more?

While others receive less.

Or perhaps you only get what you expect?

Or what you need? Indeed.

Or is there some truly evil person out there to make sure you get nothing?

But then if you got something,

What would you do with it?

Would you populate the earth with more people?

Frankly we have too many already.

Would you spend it on more food you do not need?

Just to feel safe.

Or spend it on a holiday

And release more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

But then if you don’t, someone else will.

So it might as well we be you,


Are you sure?

Perhaps they will buy a solar panel and get off the grid

Or set up an organic farm for a community from which to live

They might even find a way to Mars and back

Before you finish your pancake stack

So before you look at someone else’s plate

Make sure you know how much you have

And more importantly, how much you really need

And be sure you are contributing and not taking up space like a noxious weed.