Most people do not talk about cold fire

Only about the heat of fury and indignation

They talk about an eternal flame

Perhaps in some god‘s name

But once in a while they talk about a cool head

Calm and collected like someone playing dead

But this cold soul burns fury in mothers

Raging like an unlawful band of brothers

It reaches up from under the earth

Full of arrogance and undeserving self worth

Then reaches for heat on the otherside

Which is were the great mother does reside

In an explosion of revulsion

She lets out a volcanic erruption

In anger and rage

Like a bear trapped in a cage

If only she knew the coolness of the moon

It could not come too soon with a silver spoon

To calm her nerves and rest her soul

Filling all her cavernous holes

And the sun finally leaves her in peace

So her turmoil can finally cease

Be wary of brothers who duel

They burn too cool for their mother’s fuel

Standing there all high and almighty

Until they steal into to the night in uncertain ubiety.