Once upon a time lived a fleck of gold, and her name was, well you guessed it, Goldflake. She lived deep inside a rock, deep in the bottom of the ocean. She was quite content, minding her own business, quite satisfied in her existence as a fleck of gold.

One day the earth at the bottom of the ocean shook and roared; sending rocks upward into the sky. The rock Goldflake lived in was sent upwards and skywards. It smashed into other rocks, until it smashed into a very sharp and hard rock. It was broken into little shards and Goldflake lost her home. She was cast adrift.

She sank, bobbed and floated. At some point she was picked up by a whale which swallowed her. In she went, but then out again as she was small enough to pass through the whale’s plate. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, she sailed freely in the waters.

One day she was picked up by a great golden salmon, it swallowed her along with a fish it caught. It was dark. Then after what seemed like an eternity, she felt the sun again. The salmon was caught by a bear up river, the bear ripped open the great fish, Goldflake fell out. The bear was not interested in her, and did not even notice that she fell.

There she lay in the dirt until the rains came and washed her away back to the river. Free again. But little did she know what awaited her down river.

A young girl, with hair the colour of the golden eagle, sat by the river bank was panning for minerals with an old tin frying pan; sifting through the river bed, pan by pan. Just as the dusk was setting in, and the moon was high and gently illuminated. She caught a flicker in the water, something orange and shiny. She reached out for it with her pan and caught it.

Sitting on the bank, she watched this fleck of gold dance in the light of the setting sun. And wondered if there was more.