Look up at the stars when the sun has sailed over the horizon. Some call this moment in time: Night. But far in the North when the snow has fallen, the lakes freeze and the wind stills; the Sun gives no time of Day and the Night lingers. She only teases with Dawn and Dusk, but not Day.

So in this time, in the wilderness, where Man’s light does not pollute. The sky shows a science fiction picture show. The satellites bleep like android sheep, orbiting the Earth, Suns, Clusters, Nebulae, Solar Systems and Galaxies spin far away. But all we see is a light show. There is actually no such thing as a Star. Unless what you mean is that moment in time, captured in our dark Sky. The flicker of Lights in so many hues: the blue of Bellatrix, the red of Betelgeuse, and an array of yellows, ambers, and greens.

For many of those Suns who light up the universe now, have been long been dead.

Light has journeyed far through the darkness and expanse of spacetime, to end up on our celestial shores. And we name this singular fleck: Star.

The light journeys on to those who look at the Sky. Into the eyes, then to the mind’s eye filling souls with the stories of the universe and easing the spirit to see sense. The stars tell you things of long ago — if you know how to watch and wait. The astrological charts and maps may give you a path, but the stars have always shown the lost how to find their way home.

In an age where stories are in abundance, it is more important than ever to look either within or look up to the celestial bodies in search of meaning. The gods are nothing more than fictional characters in fairytales and have no more meaning than the toothfairy and the easter bunny. New meaning and answers will be discovered in our quest to sail through the vast swathes of spacetime.

The darker the night, the brighter the stars shine and the more you can see.

No where else in the universe do we see the constellations as we see them from Earth, or the place where you are at this instance. At that moment, no one else ever has or ever will see what you have seen. No one can ever walk your path. It is yours alone, it is what makes you, you.