I looked into her eyes

Old eyes

That have lived countless lives

Since the beginning

They told me of how we began

How my journey will not be an easy one

An then, it wasn’t


Looking into her eyes

We exchanged pieces of our spirits

Me sending protons from my new blue eyes

And her sending me protons from her greyish-brown eyes

But her will was like a hot iron pole


But she suffered from a weak heart

Which took all her strength to keep beating

But I need to put her to rest

Let her go

And reclaim what I unwittingly released

At the age of two

I come from a line of healers and spirit walkers

Whose nature is to take the pain of others

But in this world the pain and suffering

Is as endless as the expanse of the universe

And I cannot, and will not, carry it all

I trust others to carry their own pain

Let them endure their own burden

In the hope they will learn their lessons

Sooner rather than  later

I just focus

on my breath

my voice

and hope that it is true

That is my lesson.