They will call you names from heaven to hell

They will harass and tease to weaken your knees

They will pull your hair, one nerve at a time

Or make you hoarse, until you only mime

They will put you in a box and turn the key

They will make you run, but there’s nowhere to flee

They will pin you down against the wall

No matter who you are, great or small

They will challenge you for all you’re worth

Until you return to the earth

For each of them believe they are king

And only their song they shall sing

Out in the wild there is little mercy

Reserved for little boys named Percy

So if you happen to be born a female child

Be unforgiving, self-lovingly wild

No-one will love you like you do

As you put on your well fitted shoe

Show the world just who you are

And by golly we shall go far

Don’t make excuses

Let go those who call you friend

Be sure they are only looking out of their own end

Always be true to your own heart

That way you’ll be sure when the dance will start.