Your voice gives away all that is inside

All the things you wish to hide

It tells me of your hopes and fears

All the times you’ve held back the tears

It tells me of your roots and bones

All your sorrows and your moans

It tells of what you truly need

Even if you do not take heed

But if you choose a silent path

There are tales there of your quiet wrath

No matter what you do

I can see through you

By what you choose to say or not

It all goes in to the witches pot


So who do you choose to become

It is your choice how to sum

All the parts you have within

Close your eyes and begin

Feel your breath trickle through

All the places hidden within you

Find the solace of your heart

Never end, never start

On and on the rhyme goes

Feel your power and how it flows

Where your blood runs deep

Through the secrets that you keep

To the arches of your sole

Here lies the dirty mole

Hidden in the depths of despair

You were caught unaware

Remember the archer as she shoots

Listen to the owl how she hoots

Feel the rhythm in your toes

This is how the feeling goes

When the blood returns back up the track

The heart pounding with a lighter sack

Allow the world to spin on its own

As before your existence was sewn