From the room of desire
Where my heart burned with fire
I pulled away the planks
Barricading from the ranks
As another ladders landed on the wall
Hearing the screams of those who did fall
Shot an arrow down below
Then I climbed out the window
Up the ladder to the tower
My breath steady and heart with power
Hearing all the arrows fly
Near my ear they flew by
On I went and up I climbed
To the top where the bells chimed
As I near the edge
Of the castle ledge
The worn soldiers on the wall
Forgot to check who just did fall
With sword in hand to make them dead
I reared my stern cool head
They didn’t bother to see me climb
Instead looking at the clock to check the time
Over the wall near the tower
There sat one cower
A great man of strength and size
But at sword point you can hear his cries
Shrieking like a new born babe
Strangely enough his name was Abe
I asked him for it before I endevoured
His neck from his head I severed
I followed through into the tower
Wondering what I may find, perhaps a flower?
The door was locked and the arrows flew
Crouching down the lock I began to unscrew
With a clank and a clamour
And with out much glamour
A dagger in hand I flew open the door
There was one old man whore
He was dress in red
Strewn on the bed
Blood dripping from his groin
Where they destroyed his well used loin
Behind the curtain was a secret door
Unlocked, I went through leaving behind the man whore
Who once was someone’s son
There was nothing to be done
Down I climbed the hidden stairs
A narrow passage, not for pairs
Down the spiral, winding round
I get to a door and hear a sound
A clatter of crockery
A clamour of pottery
A scream and a wail
By the door a swish of a tail
The tail was huge, like that of a dragon
Twice as large as horse driven wagon
I take a quick breath, draw my sword
Not thinking of death, my reward
The door is old and creaks as I push
As I walk into this ambush
It was not a dragon but a room full of warrior women
Hair of flame, donned in leather none I ken
But long to put their stories to pen