How to respect?
When there is nothing to expect?
How can it be something to earn?
Or even something to yearn?
It is rarely on display
Only when the like-minded together play
Not sharing it with everyone
Only those who share the same kind of fun
And when I was small
Looking up to those who were big and tall
Trying to make sense of the words those people said
Ringing like untruths in my centre, heart and head
No one shared my rhythm and time
Yet for some reason they demanded that I climb
A ladder put up against the castle wall
From which I was surely to fall
But my enemies were at every turn
So up I climbed as my arms ache and burn
As arrows flew by my ear
Or a sharp pointed spear
Faster and faster I drew myself higher
To an open window of the room of desire
Jumping in I push back the ladder
That false friend fell into a pit with an adder
Within that room of desire
I began to perspire
There beyond the window caged
Was where the lost battled and raged
I barricaded the doors and windows well
Here was where for long I did dwell
Waiting out the screams of insanity
Until a new dawn of true humanity
I found a parchment, ink and a quill
There I began to weave my will
Restitching false words into truth
As did the old sayers of sooth
Undoing all the knots
From poisoned stew pots
Stringing prose into lace
Reconstructing my true face
Until my breath found the soul
And I began to feel one and whole
Standing in front of the shattered mirror
I saw all the angles and perspectives clearer
In each reflection was a tale
Hidden like a needle in a straw bale
In the corner of one reflection
Was a sword crafted to perfection
In another was a bow and arrow
Steady and true as life’s marrow
Others were full of jewels and treasures
Secret mysteries and adventures
One shard was missing, it lay on the floor
I caught its glimpse to see what was in store
There was suddenly a rap at the door
I pick up the fallen shard
Careful not to grasp too hard
Wrapped it in a piece of parchment
With my own words written in this apartment
From the glass I pulled out the sword
The bow and arrow, and the rest of the hoard
Now dressed as a warrior from head to toe
Off to battle I do go