As I try to unravel the tales I was told

From years ago when fear took hold

The war within fought and raged

Like a lone wolf tortured and caged

Rediscovering my envy and greed

Tracking back who planted the seed

Of hopelessness and helplessness

Of doubt, dread and self-destruction

Of a hated life, bred to be a good wife

Until I changed the stories inside

After facing all those who lied

Turning the world on its head

So dreams can be born as I lay in bed

My legs are for standing

My hips prepare the landing

My chest beats like a drum

With rhythm I sound a hum

My body is mine and mine alone

Never did I have a thing to atone

To those who lack moral fibre

With some book they hold higher

Those self hating zealots

With bellies full of knots

Arrogance and bias

The most pompous and the pious

With stories so trivial and unrelenting

They do nothing else but over bending

So I take a bite of fruit

Make friends with the beast

This world is for us all

This I do at least