Do I offend you with my tales

Making you feel sick with ails

Questioning all you hold dear

Through your heart I do sear

With a golden arrow straight and true

It goes directly into you

While you wail and seethe

Struggling to breathe

Wanting to fight

With all your might

Because I challenge all you know

All the truths you up did grow

And it is me you will hate

Because I am the one to deliberate

Everything you read in a book

Never questioning with a second look

Just like tea you swallowed it up

From a carefully poisoned cup

So we would argue to the bitter end

And make war with a friend

So do not take up arms with me

Go instead and speak to a tree

Take a walk on nature’s path

Discover peace, poetry and math

For how you choose to be offended

Will also affect how we all are mended