There is something I would like to say

About how you brought me here today

With your precise description

Of feminine position

Of womanly wiles

To show how to clean tiles

Or how to bake a cake

With enormous boobs, how fake!

In a scene quite nude

With an old man who is rude

Or an assistant bending over

To feed the gentleman’s dog “Rover”

While being quite hilarious

Frankly, this is precarious.

When only the fat and ugly are funny

The slim dress up like a bunny

The clever are dowdy

And the grim are cloudy

This is all rather dull

Like a squawking seagull

Or prison stripes

With such stereotypes

Why can’t you be more creative

Even a little innovative

Get out of your cardboard box

Try wearing multicoloured socks

The world is broad and full of variety

You’ll need to adapt if you want notoriety

So take some free advice

Buy me a whiskey on ice

I’ll give you a piece of my mind

Before you go completely blind

We do not need anymore

Of that misogynistic elitist bore

There is a whole world out there

With amazing stories to share

Of clever funny people

Instead of stereotypical sheeple