Neil wrote about Neverwhere

A place that does not exist though it is everywhere

In the Great Southern Red island is the Never Never

A desert place of obscure mystery that can never ever

Sir Barrie tells of the far away Neverland

A place in the dreams of children with hearts still in hand

But I will tell you of Nevermore

A land of dull dreary bore

Where there is only death and decay

A place of misery and no play

It is as grey as those who live there

Nothing at all like Neverwhere

It is full of cubes and straight lines

Suspicious eyes hiding behind blinds

The food is dull and as plentiful as forever

Nothing at all like the scarcity of the endless Never Never

All the shades of blue turn to grey

The neighbours do not ever say “Hey!”

There is no magic anywhere

The people stand, stop and stare

At the old tragic jazz band

Nothing at all like Neverland

There are no mermaids in the sea

There is no joy anywhere to be

There are no pirates on the shore

In the land of Nevermore

There are no heroes or mad magicians

Only soldiers in rearranged positions

Everything goes on as it has before

In this land of Nevermore

On and on the cycle goes

Models standing in false pose

With no eyes in the core

In this land of Nevermore

There are no dreams of faraway

An endless dusk and no day

A half filled corner store

Is this land of Nevermore