If you believe in goblins
You will grow a long greedy nose
If you believe in ogres
You will grow heavy stone toes
If you believe in Santa Claus
You will grow a fat round belly
And if you believe in demons
You will grow rather smelly
And if you believe in Satan
Who is Santa in disguise
I’m afraid you’ll be in for a great big surprise
And if you believe
Frankly. you just sound plain odd.

Now I believe in faeries
The spirits of the land
With the flap of their wings
Beating heart in hand
They live between the leaves
With the birds and the bees
Dancing and playing
In the breeze.

This is not nonsense
Nor pretense
Already the Irish, Scottish and Icelandic
Have set a precedence.
Even the physicists have found them
Lurking in the dark
Hiding deep within the atom
Is a shining little quark

So I’m not making things up
Or leading you astray
There is some truth be told in the faerie way
If the bards and physicists have finally agreed
This is one dance I do wish to lead.

So I believe in faeries
The spirits of the land
A mystical charge
Firing from the hand