I waved and waved all night long

While you sung your heartfelt song

Giving you my wings and bells

So you can weave your magic spells

I watched you with heart and soul

So you can grow a magnetic pole

But as you grew you left me aside

In the dark is where I reside

I watched you from afar

Oh how you shone like a star

I gave you my time and vision

So you could make thought collision

Dreaming up all kinds of tales

About singing with the grand sea whales

But what is the thanks I get

When you just take and fret

So I stopped waving my lacy fan

And burnt it in an old tin can

Now having better things to do

Then watch you sing and tie your shoe

Without my vision you are nothing

Just another silent bell ring

No longer do I need your voice

I have my own to rejoice

Taking back my pieces from your soul

To fill me up empty to whole

I got from you all I needed

To plant a garden unseeded

I gave you my supervision

But now you are split division

Broken up in countless parts

It is your turn to mend hearts

Watch and learn from the dark

It is your turn to sit in the ark

As the water flows all around

While you do not make one single sound

It is my turn to put on a show

So we can all spirit grow

But do not ever fan at me

I have my own plan you see

At this moment now

My show goes on anyhow

Whether you are there or not

Sitting in your undesignated spot

I would stand and talk to myself

If you would not sit there on the shelf

It is your choice to be here with me

Under this great old willow tree.