Who do you see when you look at a reflection?

What do you know when you search for your heart?

What do you feel when you walk the earth?

Is your soul dark and full of hunger?

Are your thoughts full of rage?

Are you invisible and far away?

The Lost Soul wanders the world with a thirst of the life blood of the living.

The Wolf rages in a cage only to run free in the full moon light.

The Ghost watches from afar wishing someone would notice.

The monsters are trapped in us until we walk whole and complete.

The Lost Soul will linger with false truths to keep you in her grasp so she may suck the life from you.

The caged Wolf will wait with bloodthirst and hunger for the moment to strike.

The Ghost watches from the spaces in between filling your head with conundrums.

They come up from the underworld, from the places secrets dwell.

The place of shame, pity and disgust.

In the winding labyrinth where only instinct will see you through the gates.