Who was Tom
Where was he from
What was the story
That brought down the glory
Why is that name so familiar
Of something bigger
The one who pulled the trigger

Who was that red haired man
With a grin like an upside down Chinese fan
Eyes so blue an ocean hue
Owned by a very few
I feel somehow there is a truth in the lie
Perhaps I will never know before I die

But something happened before my birth
A guilt so deep, destroyed by worth
For I only saw shame and fear
When my mother was so near
Around me she crouched and crumbled
And tied up words outward tumbled

So who was Tom, yes who was he
I’m not sure you want to tell me
But somehow I am not like all the rest
So what is the truth, or do you jest
Because I do not know why I was left out
Or why you did often scream and shout

What really happened way back then
All the guilt you kept in the dark den
For you carry it still
Breaking your will
A secret so deep
In the dark you keep