Double trouble this way comes
Be prepared for marching drums
For the past will come a calling
When the fisher does her trawling
Gathering all the poisoned fish
For your meal to dish

Take a dandelion weed head
Blow the seeds to awake the dead
Share a tale of all your woes
Misery will seed from moistened toes
Spread the wild dancing weeds
That blow about all misdeeds
But don’t you cry to the sky
When all your dreams do die

A trouble shared to those who cared
Is a trouble doubled once you dared
To open up the can of worms
Be sure to watch out for the germs
If you wish to trouble stitch
Like a rotten little snitch
Don’t cry home to a helping hand
When you do not wish mend time’s sand

But just to spread an evil word
To me is pointless and absurd
So unless you truly want to heal
Find another to time steal
I have better things to do
Than double trouble with you