It was just a joke
When you did me choke
It was just for fun
When you left me undone
It was not so serious
When you struck me delirious
My wings of a million petals
Replaced with stones and metals
Plucked one by one
By the hands of a gun
You thought you were so clever
When my soul you did sever
My only crime was that I loved you
And with my life you did shoot through
Into my heart
But that was only the start
After one million lessons
Of educational sessions
My wings were torn asunder
In your wise words and blunder
I placed my trust in your hands
But you just locked it in time’s sands
For me to one day piece together
All alone in this grey weather
Searching for sense in the rainbows
When the sun shines, the rain falls and the wind blows
One by one I find the flowers
Which have been locked up in high towers
Just hoping one day I can see the humour
Instead of carrying this old tumour.