Right up your rectum
Is the perineum
A place in your ass
Where joy meets class
A small bit of flesh
Which is good to keep fresh
Firm but soft
Where soldiers once coughed

There lives a god
Who is rather odd
With a rather low bellow
Who is rather mellow
Find the sound from deep in the soul
The place empty and whole
Deep within the beat of the drum
The rhythm of the hum

I know you are apprehensive
And that it may seem offensive
That some god lives somewhere behind
Regardless of what below you may find
So what is the deal
When some folk find it so unreal
That people who enjoy it up the bum
Making them moan and come

For people come into being
In a moment of foreseeing
Of joy and grace
In this sacred space
This flesh of your seat
Where world and self meet
And shame falls away
Clearing the way to play

Sitting on your chair
Do you now dare
To let the snake slither
As you wither and dither
Shaking and quaking
No longer faking

That sod in your rectum
Who passes on gas to perfectum
Helps you on your way
To freedom each day