When you laugh does your belly rumble

As colliding thoughts fumble and tumble

What is that moment when two thoughts collide

After taking them on such a strange ride

Finding words from opposing places

Then bringing them together in each others faces

Telling a story of gender and sex

While showing which muscles then do flex

Or talking about how much you ate

While going on a prearranged blind date

Some may even discuss religion

And how they found on the road a dead pigeon

These things on their own are rather mundane

But put them together then you might muscle strain

How do you find the place where you laugh

At the base of your golden staff?

Does it sprout from somewhere deep below

In the place where secret gardens grow?

While sitting on a bench at the Colosseum

Did you feel your perineum?

That spot at the root of your seat

Where you might begin to feel the heat

When someone talks of god and sex

Do your sensibilities perplex?

Just as lovers cry “Oh My God!”

When that g-spot has been softened and thawed