I was two when our eyes locked
Then the wind changed as I rocked
Not long after your spirit fled
And you left your body dead

But I carried on your message well
I carried long a magic spell
All the words left unsaid
When you rocked me as I lay in bed

We only met once or twice
Perhaps even thrice
But then I left with you in my soul
And an endless hungry deep dark hole

You passed on a song of a diamond rose
Which I carried all my life like a knotted up hose
Until I laid on my belly to listen to tales
Feelings awoken my stiff weary sails

Releasing my breath from below my hips
Escaping gently through pink lips
This once broken heart beats on strong
Carrying a rhythm old and long

Great Grandmother I know your tune
Every time I look at the moon
And when the sun sets I feel your voice
Then I know to make my choice