Once upon a time there was a lone wolf who live at the edge of the forest, not too far from a village. There she lived watching the villagers get on with their lives, working, dancing and playing. She wanted to join them, but often felt left out and if she tried to approach a villager they would either run away, throw something at her or yell at her. So she returned to the forest.

One day she saw a rabbit, it was pink, how strange? A pink rabbit? She never saw a pink rabbit before. Pink flowers yes, but not a rabbit. The rabbit looked at her and she looked at the rabbit. The rabbit twitched her shiny nose and scampered off.

The wolf sniffed the air and chased the rabbit through the forest. The rabbit was fast, but the wolf was cunning and stopped the chase. The wolf had the scent of the rabbit and followed slowly.

Sure enough the rabbit appeared again, twitching her little nose. The wolf flicked an ear and sniffed the air; then looked at the rabbit and the rabbit looked back at the wolf. Once again the rabbit ran off, but this time the wolf only stood a little taller to follow the rabbit with her keen eyes while sniffing the air.

The wolf went to a clearing on the top of a hill to watch the night’s sky and feel all the stories in the great expanse of space. The stars told the wolf many tales and the wolf watched and waited.

The frost came after a short fall of orange and yellow leaves. The wolf watch the frost and the stars and grew as white as the winter to come. A month or so after the frost, came the snow; the forest became as white as the coat of the wolf. On one snowy day when the snow was falling heavily the wolf went for a walk. A long long walk through the forest sniffing the air and caught the scent she had been waiting for, following it quietly and carefully.

Along the track was a tree, a great old willow. It bore many old stories as other trees bear fruit. The wolf went up to the tree, laid down next to it on a patch of moss, and closed her eyes. She heard a rustle and felt a thump nearby. The wolf opened her left eye to see who might be near. She saw no-one. Then opened her other eye and slowly raised her head.

Then again there was a movement between the leaves, and sure enough a pair of pink fluffy ears poked through the leafy bushes. Watching the rabbit move, she waited as the snow fell. The rabbit came closer and closer until she was just under her nose.