Bit by bit my soul did chip
By words and sounds and tied up bounds
There was hole where should have been a magnetic pole
With feelings hollow, in the darkness to follow
Why did you choose the words to use?
To break me down running out of town
I try to find the love from hate strung up like fishing bait
But there comes a time to not forgive in order to purpose live
I am my master for you were a disaster
Only human and lost in this world, how hate was your love unfurled
These words are from all the hate I ate
Spoon by spoon of hurt, drinking down yogurt
Gulp by gulp of lukewarm milk, for only a coward knows to bilk
Sucking down mother’s pain, only to feel shame and guilt again
So belly full, downward pull
Stuffing down, angry clown
To the earth, know my worth
Let you get away with it, as I looked up from the pit
My legs crumbled, as your words tumbled, oh how I fumbled
In the shower water hot runs, cleansing away stones in tons
Tears stream down from head to toe, feelings running to and fro
The heat runs out, only cold does spout
Like winter’s frost, at spirit’s cost
Winter waters stream down my face, standing there in disgrace
But thankful all the same that this small life still has a name
Standing under freezing water, not burning from gas hotter
Still feeling heart beat within, now a new dance can begin
Life goes on in this spinning wheel, and thank the universe that I still feel