Who do you let into your home
Who runs your earthly dome
And grips hard your soul
Playing your tune and role

She may come as a saviour
Doing you a huge favour
Letting you out to flee
In the wind to play free

In truth she takes your will
With her magic belly fill
Do not eat from the white witch’s spoon
You will loose your way to the moon

Watch her eyes wicked swell
Her greed and envy is hidden well
She will show you what she wants
Not the truth of her cruel hunts

Like the ice of winter’s eve
She will show what’s up her sleeve
With all your fears in her hand
Snow White spreads them across the land

In a blanket weave of hexes
As wing string tenses and flexes
Spinning the wind with a sound
Making it go round and round

Black witch builds a spruce pyre
Where white witch will melt in the fire
For the sun to capture snow
Into the rivers it will go

Both these friends will do a dance
Making rainbows with a trance
The cold white witch is truly dark
The black witch keeps the secret ark

Now both do have their place
But always know your own face
Coming when you have lost your way
On a lonely grey road one day.