It took a great witch
To take a religious man to stitch
Who was lost in falsities
And womanising monstrosities
For our kind were bought and sold
With hearts callous, cold and old

You were brave but lost your will
To truly your own heart fill
It was broken from within
With shoes far to thin
And I knew of your empty hate
That you dished out with every plate

So I ate your hate at every meal
To one day learn how I do feel
When I met another witch
Who tried my heart to stitch
But it was broken up in pieces
Linen paper full of holes and creases

To return the lack of oneness
I brought you into my darkness
As you embraced me in yours
Where from black water pours
But I will not apologise
For all the lies, hate and despise
For my hate is also yours
We share the same poisons and cures

Nor shall I take back
All the love that I felt
That like stones did pelt
I did not know our fraternity
Lost in false modernity

With all the stories of old
Locked in bones yet to unfold
The stories of a lost love
From heavens above

The bond of mother and star
Oh how lost we both still are
In a darkness so profound
The full moon howl of a hound

I never was your daughter
But a star upon a rhyme, you caught her
Fell upon this great blue pearl
With life to swirl and whirl

So I will not take back my ugly words
For they have flown south with the birds
They make me today who I am
So play it again Sam,
Here I am.