Right is a straight and narrow road
For those who carry their own load
But if you bare the world on your shoulders
As one of nature’s earthly soldiers
You must turn to go left
In the mountain’s shadow cleft
Between the ridges at meadow’s end
Going every which way around the bend
Blowing in the wind to nature’s delight
Like an autumn leaf without a fight
But then comes the dragon with her fiery breath
When soldiers make a choice with death
The cliff is high, smooth and white
The way to climb is out of sight
For the shadow is pitch of black
And the weight of grey is a heavy sack
Down blind man’s bluff in the dark
Not knowing to even seek the ark
The ghosts of the future, present and past
Confound the way until you learn to steadfast
So if you are left to walk in darkness below
Lost in a world of pitch and shadow
It will be up to you what you do
For no one else can save you