Going to the loo for some
Is not always a whole lot of fun
Do you feel like there is pee to push
Down there beneath your furry bush?
Been wondering why you can’t pee more
Are you in touch with your pelvic floor?
Do you even know what it is
The reason you can’t do a wiz?
Or when you laugh you cough up phlegm
The root of your life’s problem
When your muscles at the bottom
Full of holes like someone shot’em
So when you pee it’s not a steady stream
Holding back, like a stifled scream
Making the world rather unclean
Now what you need to do is feel
A muscle deep down, quite surreal
It runs from your tail bone to your belly button
Where lies feelings of lust and glutton
It doesn’t matter what gender you are told you are
We are all more the same than different by far
Nature holds more exception than rule
It is up to you which fight you fuel
Sit high on your saddle to take a punt
Be all that you are from back to front
With a wide open view you can build up a dream
While walking, talking, chewing gum and eating ice-cream