Learn by heart

Commit it to memory

The heart is a bleeding vortex of tubes

Blood spins like a whirlpool

And you say, learn it by heart

So where should I put these stories?

In my gut, mind and bones?

But they are forever changing and shifting

I am a changeling child

And I live by the witch’s hex

And nature is forever shifting

So where do I put it all

All these pictures, words and numbers

You use to change the world to your perfection

And what about my feelings? Is there room for them?

In my feet, knees or throat? Until I bend and choke?

Or crawling up my spine to wait for the right moment to strike like a cobra.

Storing your curses, unkind words, demoralising stories until the day I have collected so much ammunition that I will blast you back to the hell you threatened me with.

Yes, I will hang on your every word

And watch with hungry wolf eyes

And wait with keen pointed ears

For the day you will fall

And fall you shall

All giants fall. And you shall fall and burn in the hell you created.