Try to find the words to break a hex
For all the squares they perplex
Non you shall find in crosses of churches
But perhaps in a forest full of birches
Stay out of rooms of 90 degree angle
All they do to minds is strangle.

Find a space of different forms
Like under glass domes to watch the storms
While spinning a triaxial weave
Takes more than a trick up your sleeve
And takes the mind of a witch
To make chaos and nonsense well stitch

Perhaps in hexes lies the answers to many a riddle
As a dancing traveller plays the fiddle

The symbol 6 opposes 9
What a coincidental sign
When the winds and waves run their courses
As they spin across the globe in opposing forces
Like lovers tasting what is down below
Round and round they both go
Spinning heads of a vortex kiss
Through a wormhole and snake’s hiss.
Where two opposites become one
As golden thread is spun
Into a weave of 60 degrees
To the hum of the bees

And now for some words in another tongue in Finnish where old songs are left unsung

Kuusi = Six
Kuusta = Spruces
Kuu = Moon

Kuusi kuusta kuutamolla
Kuuran kasvaa kukkia
Kuulu kaunis kuu
Kuuntele kultainen kuvaus

Or in Swedish the language of kings where sex and six one rings.