Do you grow from inside out

Or only within do you scream and shout

Have you given up on how to live

Feeding monsters and soul give

Have you hung up your hat on a rack

Allowed all to climb over your back

Do you look at the world and cry “Why me?”

Wondering why you never feel free

You are the one who never made a choice

Sitting in hell and loosing your voice

Hell is not a place after death

It is right here in your gut and foul breath

Walking hunched over like a wreck

Soon now you’ll break your neck

Don’t cry to me because your poor

You have everything you need, be sure

Stand up tall, eyes stern and steady

Hold the keel and you’ll be ready

The time is nigh when they’ll call your name

To enter the warrior’s game

You have climbed the ladder to the star

With only spirit and faith taking you far

You may have lost your way a little while

But sure enough returns your smile

From the roots up to your bush and belly soar

Through your soul and heart, spirit roar

Hands alive and voice sound

With a rhythm you spin round and round

You found your way along the golden road

Knowing how the north winds flowed