Here I sit between heaven and hell

Like a child with stories to tell

Mother on my left, Father on my right

As I hold the reigns good and tight

Father wields a mighty sword

Crafted near the deepest fjord

While Mother’s sword rose from the ground

Lifting up nature’s sound

They would battle with words of steel

Turning life’s medicine wheel

And I sing and dance in the dark

At the bottom of an ark

Watching as their war goes on

Waiting for the time to sing my song.

I am the daughter of the bogs

Listening for the sounds of the frogs

They tell me when the winds change

With a silence oh so strange

Then in my belly there is a hum

To the rhythm of a shaman drum

The darkness comes in with the tide

With all the fears, no where to hide

A feeling of empty from the great beyond

Where the dragon moves in the pond

To the fire of the bogs

Now awakening the dead old logs

Calling up the wise wolf’s howl

Digging up the truth with an old iron trowel

I’ve sat in the middle quiet and nice

Eating up your sugar and spice

With a soul from the dark and obscure

I’ve got the reigns, holding them sure

My hands soft and firm from a heart of gold

With love I fold your war of hot and cold

Into the earth, sun and sky

Where all lost souls long to die.

So Mother dear hear me well

I am going to break your magic spell

You gave me words that were not mine

Now like a star I shall shine.

Father dear hear me well

Like a great oak tree you shall fell

For centuries I ate your kill

Now your belly I shall fill

With true stories of my own

Be sure to look where the geese have flown

Leaving behind a golden egg

The size of a grand oak mead keg.

My children shall dance in the woods

Looking for mushrooms with magical hoods

They shall bathe and drink from the cool rivers

That call the spirit with shakes and shivers

My people will whisper words with the trees

So the Yule snow falls and fear shall freeze

Never will they need to look up to any man

Or be waved around like a fan

They will stand sure and steady

When the time is right and ready

To raise their eyes to the starry night

So they too can shine so bright

This Bogland will see the giants flee

As the children, like the trees, grow up to be.