I am the monster from under the bed

I creep around when you rest your head

All of your fears and nightmares reside

Right by your nightlight and bedside

Long ago I ran into the dark

When a witch greeted me from a lost ark

She flew on my bed and gave me a choice

But I ran into the dark loosing my voice

Then I hid and crept in the endless night

Beneath where all the bed bugs bite

I watched all the children from a far

Spinning alone like a blackhole star

Every night when the sun goes down

Is when I would hit the living dead town

Covering my face with masks of all kinds

To hunt the soulless who hide behind blinds

Into your soul I’ll dig out your fears

And show you the face you’ve been hiding for years

Then under your bed is where I will dwell

Casting a binding awakening spell

You will have no choice but to face your soul

And take a dive into the endless hole