To grow a Tardis from inside to out
First a square needs to sprout
Then five more to grow a cube
Looking like an angular tube
Find its wings on all corners
Breaking out the inner borders
Out they spread in a holey act
Building up a Tesseract!

Now when you see it in 3D
It looks inside out you see
Our eyes only have 2D vision
While hands and feet make 3D precision
Then 4D comes in like a crafty sleuth
Here time does reveal the “Truth!”
It is another view you see
Seeing something in 4D
The Tardis is out of space and time
So turn the key and in you climb!

To get it started it needs a sound
Lifting it far off the ground
Pull a lever and make it spin
The magical journey will then begin
Stick your fingers in some goo
And imagine somewhere out of the blue
The Tardis will take you anywhere
Even out to Neverwhere!

The image is from The Mathemagical Site