Out of the darkness it came

Playing a wily game

Making sounds like a bad wolf’s howl

Digging me out with an old iron trowel

Feeding me poison for one hundred years

Then gripping my throat as I held back the tears

In the place where I breathe and feel

They pounded in a stone hard heal

Then pounded over a pike from root to crown

Dressing me up as a scarecrow clown

To hide the truth of what they’ve done

They pealed off my face thinking they’ve won

But as the world spins round and round

In an ungodly uncanny sound

I came back to play

This black game my way

Out I crawled from my hole

Ready to show the world my soul

Darkness will quake and shake in fear

As the fire burns the eyes to sear

Blind they will become down their own hole

For what they’ve done they will pay with their soul