These feet remember things of long ago

Of where I walked fast and slow

Of roads, paths and ways

Walking for days and days

In shoes much too small

Knees grazed from many a fall

Every maiden, mother and crone

How many times did they groan?

Over and over we did it again

Bending to the will of men

But I am last

My line has past

I will drink this poison down

And shit and piss it in every town

Spreading this darkness around

Into the earth with old grey sound

Burying this filth into the dirt

Full of pain, aching and hurt

I’ve taken enough of poison and pain

Feeling Witch’s moon wane

As the darkness comes again and again

But looking out on this night like dawn

In the North is where I’m reborn

Here with air to flow

Space to roots grow

Only Time does know

Where Peace does go