My connection is grim

You taught me to swim

Belly sore

Always wanting more

Never satisfied

Wishing I had died

Why did you knock on my door?

Whatever for?

There is a hole

Instead of a steel pole

I have no love to give

It’s my own life I live

So don’t call me child

I’m running wild

Don’t say I’m yours

Because l’m hers

Like Lilith of the Earth

In the Sun I know my worth

From a soulless birth

I walk in the filth and selfish mirth

I eat apples to the core and all

Hearing out for the crow’s call

You kept me safe in the dark

At the bottom of the ark

I found the stairs to my star

I’m going so very far

See you on the Otherside

Where there is no place to hide

The three headed Jin of smoke and mirrors