Oh happy birthday
What a busy busy day
When I was pushed out
With a scream and a shout
Grunting and moaning
Heaving and groaning
I was squeezed and shoved
Feeling very unloved
Why did I have to come out then?
It wasn’t yet my time to leave the den
To enter the world of men.

Why couldn’t you wait one little bit?
To enjoy the moment, wait and sit
Breathe mum breathe
Don’t wail and seethe
Feel me dance
Let me come, give me a chance
We can find the river together
And sail this rocky weather
Let the waters flow
Only together can we grow

But no, I heard the strangers say “Push! Push! Push!”
And push you did down to your bush
Forcing me through
What else could I do?!
The way was narrow and tight
You heaved with all your might
No time to find our own way
To sail the rough seas that day.

Strange cold hands dragged me out
Then it was my turn to scream and shout
With me they did dumbly tweedle
Sticking me with pin and needle
Then you dressed me up and took me away
Like a toy with me you did play.

I know my own birthday
How it felt and how I turned out this way
I will remember it with something cold
Of being new but feeling old
And never ever being whole
Knowing what it’s like to sell a soul
To people who used us as a subject
Another number to collect.

Now there is no need to push and pull
I am satisfied, no need to be full
Now I breathe and found the lake
Where fairies from the deep slumber wake.