Push Pull

Tense Release

Hold On – Let Go


Down Up

You shout

I tense

I punch

You cry

You take my hand

I spin you round

Then we sing

Finally we fly

What is it – that thing flying all around

The invisible energy sound

It passes through the air

Catching us unaware

I tense up when you tap your pen

Will it someday end? when?

I slam the door

You eat ice cream more

The energy flows round the house

Like a cat chasing a mouse

You put my words in your back

Perhaps one day it will crack

I put your feelings in my gut

Feeling sick, bleeding and cut

Where can I put these feelings?

Why is it me staring at bare ceilings?

So I go for a run to blow off steam

While you go buy another tub of ice-cream

When will this madness end

Can I put these tensions in a box and send

Them to someone who cares

Or squeeze them into my teddy bears?