The key to growing bones you see
Is about life and balance and harmony

I start with a blend of my favourite food
They put me in just the right kind of mood

Take a bottle that you can close well
Even if it from your hands did fell

Pour in some running water
And dream of being a professional yachter or a star plotter

In goes some birch sap
It comes on tap!

Spoon in some coconut and banana dust
Give it a stir, if you feel you must

In then goes ground hemp seeds or spelt
Oh how good on the tongue it will melt!

Toss in some chocolate and dried red berry powder
There you’ll get your inner power

Find something green from the sea
And oh how tall and strong you will be

Then give it a rattle and a shake
Let all the demons cry and quake

Then suck it down with a straw
Or in little sips as feelings thaw

Listen to your favourite northern tune
Get lost in thought upon the moon

Brush your teeth with aloevera toothpaste

Take your time and don’t make haste

I like an electric toothbrush

That gives me a sonic rush

Then gargle water and practise your scales,

Whatever you do, don’t bite your nails!

Ballet calf raises strengthen the knees

Count to three, if you please!

And don’t worry about the tutu

I do them in pirate pants right on cue.

This is the start to growing bones

Listen to your heart and find the right tones!